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Auto Insurance Safety Tips


NEW! Teen Driving Tips: Think About Safety to Ensure Your Lowest Auto Insurance Rates

Air Bag Safety
Check to see if you or your family members are at potential risk if an air bag deploys.

Cell Phone Safety on the Road
List of tips to safely use your cell phone on the road.

Safe Cars for Teenagers
Help for parents trying to choose a vehicle for their driving teenager.

Senior Driver Safety
Simple things senior drivers can do to keep their auto insurance premiums low.

Prevent Road Rage
Guidelines to help you from becoming a victim of road rage.

Child Car Seat Safety: How to safely buckle kids in the car
Do you know when your child should be in a car seat or booster seat and when to use the car seat belt?

Flash Flood Safety When Driving
Flash flood safety tips when driving during flash flood warnings or encountering flood waters.

Drunk Drivers on the Road with You
Don’t be a drunk driving victim. Here’s what you can look out for and how you should react when you think the driver next to you is drunk.

One For The Road: Drinking And Driving

Preventing Auto Theft
Prevent your car from being stolen with a few easy steps.

Is Your Car On The “Most Stolen” List?
Make and Model of the top 10 car thefts including Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic as the top three in 2002.

Winter Driving Tips
Getting stranded during a winter storm can be a matter of life and death. Follow these tips for safe winter driving.

Get A Spring Tune-up!

Are You A Distracted Driver?

Defensive Driving Saves Lives And Money

How To Drive Safely In Bad Weather

Maintaining Your Car Tires

How Will Your Car Hold Up In A Crash?

Vehicle Theft Prevention Devices: Car Alarms and More.

SUV Safety: What’s The Big Deal?

Sharing the Road – Driving Tips

Which SUVs Are Safe?

Important Steps To Follow If You Are In An Auto Accident; Including How To File A Claim

Has Any Part Of Your Auto Been Recalled?



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