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Auto Insurance: Featured Monthly Articles and Website Reviews

Auto Insurance Reviews for April 2005

Auto Insurance Reviews for March 2005

Auto Insurance Reviews for February 2005

  • Car insurance relief on the way
    Concord Monitor, NH – Feb 1 2005
    … as prices may be up, but New Hampshire drivers may find pedal-pushing relief elsewhere: Auto insurance premiums are beginning to fall off….
  • Hitchin’ a ride
    Journal Times Online, WI – 23 hours ago
    … Even without their own vehicles, teens (or their parents) pay high premiums for auto insurance, compared with more experienced drivers.

Auto Insurance Reviews for January 2005

Auto Insurance Reviews for November 2004

  • Auto insurance reform applauded
    New Jersey drivers, on average, pay the most in the nation for auto insurance. They are almost three times more likely to crack up their cars. Yet their governor says he has fixed the state’s chronic car insurance mess…

  • State Farm re-enters New Jersey auto insurance market
    State Farm Indemnity, which once insured one in five New Jersey motorists, has decided to re-enter the state’s auto insurance market, Banking and Insurance …

Auto Insurance Reviews for September 2004

Auto Insurance Reviews for August 2004

  • Trade In Privacy, Get Break On Car Insurance
    Aug 17, 2004, MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.
    Some drivers are in for a break on their car insurance – if they’re willing to trade a little privacy. Progressive offers discounts to drivers who use electronic monitoring devices.

  • GEICO Returns to Car Insurance Business in New Jersey
    August 16, 2004, New Jersey
    Car insurance company GEICO has returned to New Jersey, 28 years after leaving the state. GEICO will be selling private passenger automobile insurance policies in New Jersey through the Internet.

  • Car insurance fraud costs NY drivers $300 million
    August 02, 2004, New York
    New York drivers pay the second highest car insurance rates in the country, in part because of costly auto insurance fraud. NY Senator Schumer details a new proposal to create tough criminal penalties for fraud in an effort to deter scam artists from ripping off New Yorkers.

Auto Insurance Reviews for July 2004

  • Car insurance rates are falling
    Insurers’ profits have rebounded, and some have begun to cut premiums for low-risk drivers. Unless a full-scale price war erupts, though, you may have to do some searching.

  • Car insurance refunds ahead for NC drivers
    Jul 22, 2004, North Carolina
    North Carolina drivers could receive up to $680 million in refunds later this year thanks to the resolution of two disputes with the insurance industry. Refund checks stemming from cases in 2001 and 2002 are expected to be mailed in October and November.

  • Officials: West Virginia costly car insurance state
    Jul 24, 2004, WV
    According to the Insurance Information Institute, insurance premiums in West Virginia were the 20th highest in the nation in 2001.

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